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beo Regional Directors


Kenji Suzuki – Japan Director

Kenji studied management at Dokkyo University before making a career in education, a field in which he now has over 20 years of experience. Before joining beo, Kenji was an Area Manager at Berlitz, an industry leader among global language companies, where he managed approximately 100 employees, including managers, teachers and regular employees at 5 offices in central Tokyo. Aside from staff management, Kenji was engaged in marketing strategy, making budgets, campaign product planning and facilitating internal audits. Kenji joined beo as the manager of the beo College and was involved in establishing the beo College at the Osaka office. As the Japan Office Director, Kenji is responsible for both the Tokyo and Osaka offices.


Pieter Funnekotter, Thailand Director

Pieter graduated from Trent University (Canada) in Business Administration before working as the South East Asia representative for Bournemouth University for three years. He then moved to Bangkok to work for beo Thailand as the Head of Counselling & Operations Manager, working closely with university partners and students. After four years in this role, he is now the Managing Director of beo’s Thailand operation.


Doan Thuy Linh (Julie) – Vietnam Director

Julie has been working in the education industry since 2007. After graduating from University of Portsmouth, Julie worked in marketing and recruitment for universities in the UK and the Netherlands before opening GSE in Hanoi in 2009. GSE joined the beo network in 2011, changing its name to GSE-beo and Julie is now the director of beo’s Vietnam operation.