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Message from the Director

beo Director Paul Taylor

beo started out in 2000, with just one member of staff. Since then, I have been delighted to see the company expand, and our operation has now grown to cover 26 offices in 7 countries, run by over 300 people. The success beo enjoys today is down to the effort of each individual who works with us. I feel great pride and gratitude for all the staff at beo, who share my dreams of building bridges between countries and developing global citizens.

Our employment policy at beo is not to fit a person into a job, but rather to look at the person first, and make a job around them. At interview, we ask ourselves “What kind of position could this person make for themselves at beo?”

beo is still very much in the course of development, and for that reason our aim continues to be to work with people who share the same dream, and who are ready to work towards it with enthusiasm. beo staff are not merely resources, but rather have great value in themselves. I therefore look forward to you joining us under our motto: “To be the best you can be”.

beo Director
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor