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Message from the Managing Director

beo is not your typical ‘International Company’, nor is it a typical ‘Japanese business’.

beo was founded in 2000 and has a long history of working with different people and partners from around the world. Primarily as a study aboard company beo staff have a global outlook, as 85% of staff here have studied aboard either for high school, university degrees or for short term English. Having such a global outlook allows staff to take advantage of our open, caring and customer focus working atmosphere and to share their experience, knowledge and ongoing training with our customers.

beo has expanded over the years from just one member of staff in 2000, to now two offices in Japan, the expansion of our college and over 60 full-time staff in Japan. With our ‘sister’ companies in Vietnam, Thailand and the UK, beo is continuing to grow and expand, employing over 200 people around the world, all of whom share our international outlook.

As the managing director, I want to make sure that our entire team is happy and focused on working towards the best we can be for our customers. I feel great pride and gratitude for all the staff at beo, who share our dreams of building bridges between countries and developing global citizens. I therefore look forward to you joining us under our motto: “To be the best you can be”.

Drew Newport,
Managing Director