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Staff perspectives

What kind of place is beo?

“It’s all about the people! All the staff here are just great people.”

“Everybody does their job very professionally.”

“Many people here have lived overseas and so have respect for different values and points of view. Dealing with colleagues is therefore easy and stress-free.”

“Unlike many Japanese companies, you can take 100% of your holiday. Most people go on holiday overseas.”

“You are entrusted with tasks very soon after joining the company. That brings responsibility and pressure, but it makes the work really rewarding.”

“All the staff share a strong feeling that they want to work to help other people – our customers.”

“There are many strong international links.”

What kind of person is Paul Taylor, the Director?

“Good humoured and kind. He’s warm and approachable, but sharp when it comes to work.”

“Hardworking! He has always carried a notebook around so that he can take notes of any Japanese words he doesn’t know. His Japanese is better than the Japanese staff now!”

“He’s someone who believes that if you’re doing business in Japan then you must of course learn the proper language and customs for Japanese business.”

“Even though he’s the director, he will fill the office water boiler or change the light bulbs himself. I have to remember not to take that for granted...”

“He always shares his future vision for the company. That’s a great boost to motivation, and there’s no better feeling than successfully implementing a plan he has described.”

“I really appreciate that he will determine the strengths and personality of each staff member and find them an area where they can contribute.”

A message to people thinking about working at beo

“At beo, you will be assigned work with lots of responsibility as soon as you start. I strongly felt the worth of my work from my first year. It’s that kind of company, so it’s perfect for really pro-active people.”

“The staff here are all great people, so I look forward to more good people joining the team.”

“There are many friendly staff waiting for you to join us!”