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beo has operations across key recruitment markets that combine strategically important markets like Thailand and Japan and future markets like Cambodia and Vietnam.

This breadth of coverage gives an enormous advantage for the beo / education institution partnership because it allows the linking of the 3 key components of an international recruitment strategy:

  1. A comprehensive understanding of the needs and requirements of education institution partners
  2. A deep local knowledge of each recruitment market and needs and ambitions of students
  3. A broad perspective that comes from managing an international recruitment network and an awareness of the global issues that affect and impact individual markets

Thereby realizing the benefits of:

  1. Increasing conversion / enrolment rates and thereby reducing your workload and costs, with the result of making your budgets go further
  2. Integrated marketing functions – for example,
    • all our counselling/recruitment centres have professional video conferencing facilities and so if you are carrying out briefings at one office in Japan (for example), you can simultaneously give them to Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and India.
    • We can make your local-language websites on local domains in any language. (For example, www.sussex.jp.)
    • Events such as panel discussions will be shared across the beo network: https://www.youtube.com/user/beoEnglish
  3. Linked education exhibitions and marketing events across markets that will complement your travel plans in each region
  4. Administration of events handled centrally, allowing one point of contact for several markets
  5. Application and course information being managed on a central system serving all offices
  6. Online access to your applications through an institution portal account

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