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Pre departure briefings

beo arrange pre-departure briefings as a valuable part of an institution’s recruitment strategy.
These are aimed at students who:

  1. have an offer of a place and are considering acceptance
  2. are considering applying

Pre-departure briefings serve the dual function of increasing conversion ratios whilst at the same time contributing to future recruitment. A particularly cost-effective way of carrying out such briefings is by using beo video conferencing equipment, allowing university staff to conduct the briefing simultaneously to several beo offices. beo would also normally make arrangements for alumni to attend the briefing, adding further to the efficiency and effectiveness of the event.

Alumni Events

Alumni are an essential part of any recruitment strategy and can be extremely effective when integrated appropriately. beo assist partner institutions in such integration by coordinating alumni events, arranging testimonials, providing event space, and linking social media of alumni to appropriate local marketing channels. Particularly effective is integrating alumni into seminar-, tutorial-, or lecture- based promotional events.

Seminars & Tutorials

In an environment where basic university presentations are no longer effective promotional tools, academic-led demonstration tutorials and seminars are very good for subject-targeted recruitment. These seminar–based promotional events can be run at beo office space with academic staff in market, or by linking academics and current students at home with an audience of potential students via video conferencing.


Similar in objectives to the academic seminar, an academic lecture will attract students interested in a specific subject area and so is good for targeted recruitment. In addition, such activities contribute to the overall profiling of the institution in the market. In arranging such events, beo will always try to facilitate questions and interaction during the lecture, and follow up with potential students following the event to develop student interest further.

Panel discussions

beo organise academic-based panel discussions incorporating groups of institutions that are leaders in specifics academic fields. These events act as a way of promoting and profiling the subject area by giving potential students a chance to see the variety of courses on offer in specific disciplines and compare institutions to see which one best suits their needs. Academic panel discussions also serve to raise the profile of the discipline and identify the leading players in the field.