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beo has a highly qualified team of dedicated marketing staff in addition to a large network of freelance design and marketing professionals. This allows us to continue developing the effectiveness of beo marketing whilst coping with the demands of a very full annual calendar of events and individual bespoke projects for beo partner universities.

Portal sites

beo manages many individual domain local-language portal sites as part of a portfolio of search-engine-optimized student recruitment websites. The continual improvement in design and engineering of these sites generates strong and consistent growth both in traffic and – more importantly – in student registrations. Students input personal data directly onto our database from where beo CRM marketing takes the student through counselling and application. This process is monitored automatically and the ratios of each stage benchmarked and analysed to feed back into development of marketing tools, product development, quality control and counselling.

Local-language websites and brochures

Local-language sites on local domain names are a key part of any marketing strategy and beo writes, designs, sets up, registers and hosts such sites for partner institutions. The established sites are then continually maintained and optimized for key areas targeted by each university in the particular market. Examples of such sites include www.leeds.jp, and www.sussex.jp. In addition to websites, beo produces local-language, institution-specific brochures (e.g.,www.oxfordbrookes.jp/pdf/download.html), leaflets and banners.

Local advertising

beo works with media and news organizations in each market and as a result provides cost effective and efficient advertising opportunities to partner universities. Tailored to the needs of individual universities in the market and integrated with beo exhibitions, events and other marketing, beo can gain significantly more exposure and effectiveness for any given budget.

Social networking

Social networking services (SNS) and blogs are used in local-language versions and are tied into an annual marketing strategy designed to maximize brand value for university partners and the impact of specific marketing events such as university visits and education fairs. beo maintains and encourages alumni networks linked to potential and existing student networks to maximize both exposure and coverage of events, visits, and other marketing tools.

Local institutions

beo has a network of local schools, international schools, colleges, and university partners that actively cooperate with beo to promote international education and exchange. Through this network beo is able to market directly to students considering an overseas education.