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Video Conferencing

beo’s state-of-the-art commercial video conferencing and data exchange facilities allow marketing and recruitment activities to be run remotely between institutions and beo offices. This equipment allows for events such as remote presentations by university staff to groups of students and one-to-one interviews with students in market, as well as shared events between beo offices during university staff visits.

Home Country to Market

Due to time differences over markets, it is often possible for institutions to give presentations from their location in the morning working time to other overseas markets simultaneously during their afternoon or early evening. This means that academics and current students who would not normally have the opportunity to visit a specific market can make use of this technology to give presentations to potential students remotely.

Across markets

beo offices are connected via commercial video conferencing and data exchange equipment, and this means that university staff visiting any one beo office have the opportunity to link up with other beo offices using video conferencing technology. This in turn allows university staff to host events for multiple beo offices (Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong for example) at the same time to maximise the effectiveness of country visits and expand the potential audience of marketing and recruitment events.