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Kensuke Oishi, Bradford Scholarship student, University of Bradford, MA Conflict Resolution

Two years ago, I had a friend in my seminar class who went on a study abroad programme in the UK. It was during that time that I first heard about beo. My friend had told me that the support he had received from beo had been great, so when it came to me considering my own study trip abroad, naturally I chose to use beo. From the beginning, not only my own personal counsellor but each member of the beo staff was kind and polite in every correspondence I had with them. For me in particular, they were a great help with helping me to fill out all the application materials and all the other procedures that come with studying abroad. I am so grateful for all their support!

Yoshinari Michiyo, beo GC Scholarship student, University of Essex, MSc in International Economics

After choosing to use beo for support, the application procedure to my chosen university turned out to be extremely easy. Before this I had struggled by myself to cope with the large number of documents I had to fill in and then send by post abroad. What appealed to me about beo is that my application could be completed through them by email. Their responses from the university to any of my queries were also very quick. I also enrolled in the beo College to prepare me with the right skills for studying abroad. The teachers at the college were very friendly and taught their classes really well. I can’t thank them enough.

Shiori Onishi, The University of Manchester, MSc Development Finance

Starting with the huge amount of support that I received with my application at the beginning, and the abundant information and accurate advice regarding my application to The University of Manchester, I felt completely at ease throughout the whole application process, thanks to the help from beo. I am especially grateful for the help I received for creating my application schedule and narrowing in on my chosen university. beo also arranged for me to have an individual interview with a representative from The University of Manchester which was very rewarding. I was able to get all the information I needed that I couldn’t find on their website which helped me to make my final decision.