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beo Ltd. (hereafter, beo) makes every effort to provide correct, up-to-date information at all times. Any of the information on our website may be amended or altered without prior notification. beo does not bear liability for any troubles or losses resulting from the use of any information appearing on this site.

Linked Sites

1. Exclusion of liability for linked sites
This website contains links to (and from) other websites that are independent from beo. The contents of any linked sites are managed by other companies, organizations or individuals, and beo is not responsible for those sites. beo also does not bear liability for any troubles or losses resulting from the use of information appearing in such sites. The links are provided as a convenience, and their inclusion does not imply that they have any special relationship, such as affiliation, with beo.

2. Links to other websites
If you would like to link to this website, please read the notes below and contact us. The URL you link to is in principle www.beo.jp. Please note that we may not be able to inform you of any alteration made to the beo URL. The registered trademark beo possesses cannot be used or linked to without our consent. If you wish to use the trademark when linking to our website, please inform us. When you link to the beo website, please set up the link so that a new window will be opened for the site. Please do not link to the beo website in any way that confuses users about the service provider. Please note that beo is not responsible for any claims related to the links.

We do not wish to be linked to any of the websites below:
‧ A site which violates or may violate copyright, property in trademarks, portrait rights, wealth, privacy etc. of beo and/or other companies
‧ A site which contains defamatory content or contents which may bring into disrepute beo and/or other companies/organizations/individuals
‧ A site which violates or may violate laws and regulations, or offends or may offend public order and morals
‧ A site which obstructs or may obstruct the activities of beo

3. Copyright
beo holds the copyright of design, layout, and all the content of this site such as texts, photos, audio data, apart from the work which has already been published, literary work created by an outsourced vendor, and so on. The copyright of these kinds of content in principle belongs to the authors. Users are allowed to download, save in their own personal computer and print out the information and photos on this site for purpose of users’ personal usage. However it is prohibited to divert or reprint any contents on this site without the permission of copyright holders, or use the contents beyond the scope of copyright laws. If you wish to divert or reprint the information, images etc.,